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I am a freelance sound recordist and work across all aspects of sound.

Location filming, multi-camera, multi-radio mic jobs, multi-recordist jobs,

UK and international, documentaries, commercials, reality, corporate videos, dramas and branded content.

Experienced in extreme environments 

Extensive kit


If you’ve got a project and need advice, please give me a call - I’m more than happy to chat it through with you: 

07867 530149




Sound Devices 788 12 Track Mixer/Recorder

Sound Devices 633 8 Track Mixer/Recorder

Selection Of Boom Microphones

8x Wisycom Radio Wide-Band Radio Mics

Zaxcom Camera Links

Ambient Tiny And Nano Wireless Timecode Locket System

Director IEM's

Digi Slate

Kit Van

To configure the best kit for your requirements please get in contact.

I can tailor make to suit your programme needs.

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